Detalle de vista desde de restaurante El Pescador desde el puerto de Fornells


Can be ordered per person

1 Rock Fornells Lobster Stew

2 Rock Fornells Lobster, Gratin With Garlic (Alioli)

3 Grilled Rock Fornells Lobster

4 Boiled Rock Fornells Lobster (To Order)

5 Fornells Lobster Thermidor

6 Grilled Fornells Lobster With Butter

7 Fried Lobster, With Eggs

8 Sautéed Rock Lobster With Fried Garlic

9 Sautéed Lobster With Shellfish Cream

10 Royal Grilled Or Fried Lobster

Rice in broth

Can be ordered per person

11 Fornells Lobster Broth Rice

12 Rice In Clawed Lobster Broth

13 Clawed Lobster Stew

14 Rice Broth A La Marinière

15 Seafood Stew

16 Rice Broth (Blind) Monkfish, Prawns


Can be ordered per person

17 Rice With Cuttlefish And Carabinero (Prawns)

18 Fornells Lobster Risotto

19 Clawed Lobster Risotto

Paellas y Fideua

Minimum of two servings

20 Fornells Lobster Paella

21 Clawed Lobster Paella

22 Meat Paella

23 Mixed Paella (Meat, Cuttlefish And Seafood)

24 Seafood Paella

25 Vegetable Paella

26 Black Rice With (Cuttlefish, Prawns)

27 Paella With Cuttlefish And Carabiniero

28 Blind Paella, Fish And Seafood, Ready To Eat So It’s Called Blind

29 Paella With Fornells Cuttlefish And Red Prawns

30 Blind Fideua With Seafood And Fish Ready To Eat

31 Paella With Fornells Cuttlefish And Prawns

32 Arroz Only Prawns

33 Paella With Cuttlefish And Octopus


34 Smoked Salmon Salad With Avocado And Mango

35 Pipirrana Salad With Tuna And Prawns

36 Orange Salad With Smoked Cod And Mango Vinaigrette

37 Avocado with Prawns

38 Mixed Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Tuna, Egg)

39 Salad Of Fresh Figs With Goat Cheese

40 Melon Carpaccio With Fresh Figs And Burrata

41 Artichokes With Prawns And Clams

42 Fresh Beans In Olive Oil, Sautéed With Prawns And Broken Eggs

43 Wagyu Carpaccio With Parmesan Cheese

44 Gazpacho (Cold Vegetable Cream) Only In Season

45 Grilled Octopus With Potato Parmentier

46 Cubes Of Marinated Tuna, Spicy With Truffle Cream

47 Galician-Style Octopus

48 Varied Menorcan Cheeses

49 Anchovies From Santoña (Oo) In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

50 Mojana of Red Tuna With A.O.V.E. And Almonds

51 Fried Anchovies

52 Fried Baby Squid Andalusian Style

54 Ration Of Serrano Ham, Pata Negra With Crystal Bread

54 Ration Of Serrano Ham, Pata Negra With Crystal Bread

55 Serrano Ham Croquettes ………. (6 Units)

56 Spaghetti With Squid Ink, Prawns, Clams And Cherry Tomato

57 Spaghetti Bolognaise

58 Foie Mi-Cuit With Fig And Pine Nut Fistle 0,150 gr

See Food

59 Grilled Scallops with potato Cream and sobrasada oil

60 Galician Grilled Razor Clams

61 Galician Fine Clams Medium To Marinera

62 Galician Fine Clams Medium With Garlic

63 Gillardean Oysters Nº4, Minimum 2 Units……Price per unit

64 Prawns With Garlic

65 Steamed Mussels

66 Mussels In Seafood Sauce

67 Andalusian Style Fried Squid

68 Grilled Menorca Prawns 0,300 Gr

69 Grilled Scallops 0,300 Gr

70 Fried Sea Nettles (Anemones)

Ouf Fish

71 Sea Bass In Salt

72 Grilled Sea Bass

73 Grilled Sole

74Tartar De Atún Rojo De La Almadraba

75 Grilled Squid

76 Grilled Tuna Loin From The Almadraba

77 Cod Loin Au Gratin with Alioli And Honey

78 Grilled Monkfish Medallions

79 Grilled Monkfish Slices With Menorcan Cheese Sauce

80 Monkfish Slices with Prawn and Mussels

81 Grilled Bluefin Tuna Belly Fillets (With Fried Egg) 8

82 Fried Fish (Squid, Anchovies, Baby Squid, Prawns

83 Seafood El Pescador (For Two People)
Mussels, Norway Lobster, Squid, Prawns, Razor Clams, Lobster, Carabiniero

Fish by Weight

84 John Dory

85 Scorpion Fish

86 (Toothed) Gilt-Head

87 Pargo ( local fish)

88 Mollera (Local Fish)

89 Stone-Bass

90 Gilt-Head

91 Wild Sea Bass

92 Sea bream

93 Turbot

94 Raor (Only in Season)

95 Fornells Lobster

96 Lobster

97 Prawns From Menorca

98 Scampi From Menorca


99 Beef Burgers With Cheese

100 Sirloin Steak Tartare

101 Grilled Lamb Chops

102 Grilled Beef Steak

103 Beef Escalope

104 Grilled Beef Entrecôte

105 Grilled Sirloin Steak

106 Grilled Sirloin Steak With Foie Micuit

Pan de cristal tostado con Tomate y A.O.V.E…
Portion Bread
Pepper Sauce
Salsa Strogonof

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